ADD and ADHD suck. People who have it don't. End of story.
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"So this blog is for add? But what about subtract?"

Oh my gosh an actual comedian


"hey. i was recently diagnosed with depression, anxiety and insomnia by my doctor.. but Since reading the ADHD aardvark and doing research on ADHD, I think that I have it. Is it possible for me to go straight to the doctor and ask "can i please be tested for ADHD?". Thanks."

Yeah, I don’t see why not. You can raise the question, or take an online questionnaire and bring it in. Try reading ‘Driven to Distraction’ and see if it fits you— Liz from ADHD Aardvark and I aren’t doctors, but we have shared our experiences the best way we know how. There is a possibility that you have been partially misdiagnosed— I was, for depression and anxiety—  but there is a possibility that your issues fit within that scope. Your therapist is a wealth of information, so it couldn’t hurt to ask, or get a second opinion. Any other followers have any advice for our anon?