ADD and ADHD suck. People who have it don't. End of story.
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Joe Gilgun and Adam Levine have ADHD

They are both completely covered in tattoos

I would like to think this is because they love tattoos but I suspect poor impulse control had a hand

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daily reminder that

  • your problems matter
  • mental illnesses are real
  • you deserve accommodations
  • you deserve respect
  • you are worthy of love and care

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It accomplishes nothing when you ignore my learning disabilities in the interest of pretending I’m normal. I spent my entire life trying to be normal, but it accomplished nothing. I worked so hard to be “normal,” to compensate for my shortcomings, that I developed mental fatigue on par with that of recovering stroke victims. 

I mix up left and right. It’s symptomatic of dyscalculia. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know that was what was going on and thought I was stupid. Sometimes, when we’re driving, you’ll tell me to make a right and I’ll get in the left-hand lane. Sometimes I’m supposed to be reading the GPS and I say “that way” instead of “turn right” and you turn the wrong way because you’re looking at the road and not my pointing finger. It accomplishes nothing when you mock me. It accomplishes nothing when you laugh. All it does is make me cry when I get home because I don’t know why I can’t do something a third grader can.

I drink a lot of caffeine, especially when I’m off my meds. It accomplishes nothing when you tell me I’d lose 5 pounds if I stopped drinking soda. It accomplishes nothing when you tell me aspartame will kill me. I tried to stop, on a day I forgot my meds, and was so uncorked that I had to run out to the store and get some caffeine so I could focus on writing a paper. I wasted an entire day, that day. I accomplished nothing. 

I don’t have a great sense of time and place. I try so hard, but sometimes I say something that I think is true and it comes out rude or offensive. I don’t mean it. I’m always sorry. Always. It accomplishes nothing when you lose your temper with me.

I said I didn’t try in math, but I did. I tried so hard. I failed algebra 1, and then retook it over the summer, and then retook it informally the next year with a tutor, and I still have no idea what a polynomial is. Or does? Does it do something? My freshman year, when I tested into remedial math and honors English, rather than testing me for a learning disability, you told me I couldn’t take both. You chose for me. I failed the regular-level math class and almost failed honors English. My self esteem was so low that I never tried to take another honors course in high school ever again. It accomplished nothing.

Not everyone’s as strong as me. Not everyone works as hard. Not everyone had the encouragement of being gifted in certain subjects as a child; a lot of them were diagnosed early, and got even less encouragement, and that breaks my heart. Did you know that when we tell people we have learning disabilities, their faces change? You can physically see them see you differently. There is a stigma over our heads and it is painful and it is ridiculous because guess what, if you’re so smart, so much more in control, you should be the one to know better.

But no. You use words like “retard” and “slow” and you cut funding for special services and you find Hallmark movies about people with disabilities “inspiring” but you walk around saying things like “Oh my gosh I’m so OCD about not wearing shoes in the house”  or “I’m so ADD, like I can’t even focus on this boring lecture right now” or “I have, like, Tourettes about swearing” while people who have OCD are struggling with routines and rituals and people with ADD are using note takers and therapy so that they CAN focus on that boring lecture, and people with Tourettes are trying to conceal their tics so they don’t lose their job and…

You are accomplishing nothing.

People reblogged that last text post that really didn’t have to do with anything rebloggable and didn’t comment or anything? 

Um, okay? 

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Long time no blog.

I am back because I needed a safe space to rant on the fact that my ADHD meds got expensive and I have to start generic, which means 30 days of living hell start Monday-ish as I adjust. I’ve been off for 2 weeks so this should be interesting.

Also, I’ve been tentatively diagnosed with dyscalculia, which is just peachy considering I’m going into education and literally no one has expressed any confidence in me whatsoever and I just really need to be around other ADHD people right now.

So anyway I have a feeling I’ll be posting more, feel free to join me!


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Drugs used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) do not appear to have long-term effects on the brain, according to new research done with monkeys.

Between 5 to 7 percent of elementary school children are diagnosed with ADHD, according to researchers from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center who undertook the new study.

Many of these children are treated with psychostimulant drugs, and while doctors and scientists know a lot about how these drugs work and their effectiveness, little is known about their long-term effects, the researchers note.

The research team, headed by Linda Porrino, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, and fellow professor Michael A. Nader, Ph.D., conducted a study with monkeys to determine what the long-lasting effects may be.

“We know that the drugs used to treat ADHD are very effective, but there have always been concerns about the long-lasting effects of these drugs,” she said. “We didn’t know whether taking these drugs over a long period could harm brain development in some way or possibly lead to abuse of drugs later in adolescence.”

The researchers studied 16 monkeys, whose ages were equivalent to 6- to 10-year-old humans. Eight animals were in the control group that did not receive any drug treatment. The other eight were treated with a therapeutic-level dose of an extended-release form of Ritalin or methylphenidate (MPH) for over a year, which is equivalent to about four years in children.

Imaging of the monkeys’ brains, both before and after the study, was conducted on both groups to measure brain chemistry and structure. The researchers also looked at developmental milestones to address concerns that ADHD drugs adversely affect physical growth.

Once the drug treatment and imaging studies were concluded, the monkeys were given the opportunity to self-administer cocaine over several months. Nader measured their propensity to acquire the drug and looked at what amounts to provide an index of vulnerability to substance abuse in adolescence.

The researchers found that there were no differences between the two groups — monkeys treated with Ritalin during adolescence were not more vulnerable to later drug use than the control animals.

“After one year of drug therapy, we found no long-lasting effects on the neurochemistry of the brain, no changes in the structure of the developing brain. There was also no increase in the susceptibility for drug abuse later in adolescence,” Porrino said.

“We were very careful to give the drugs in the same doses that would be given to children. That’s one of the great advantages of our study is that it’s directly translatable to children.

The research was conducted simultaneously with a “sister study” at John Hopkins with slightly older animals and different drugs and their findings were similar, she added.

“We feel very confident of the results because we have replicated each other’s studies within the same time frame and gotten similar results,” she said. “We think that’s pretty powerful and reassuring.”

This study is published online in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

Source: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

This is actually very important and very good news for those of us on stimulants!

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"So this blog is for add? But what about subtract?"

Oh my gosh an actual comedian


Submitted by runsonspiralpower

(I’m having trouble getting chapter two done. I may or may not have forgotten to call the pharmacy to get my meds refilled. Whoops. But I’m sure you’ll understand. I have it bookmarked so I’ll catch it when I’m a bit more focused.)

This is a really neat comic, guys. Had some serious feelings just reading the first chapter. I like it. Give it a read sometime! This dude is hopefully gonna get this comic published, too. 

Wow this is unbelievably good. I’m not sure I agree with all of it but it’s interesting.

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Tonight my friend and I helped another friend organize his office. We finished cleaning out the closet, which was top-to-bottom full of junk, and I was sort of on a cleaning high (and the friend whose office it is was in a meeting) so I decided to organize his bookshelves. I happen to know that he didn’t really have it organized in any certain way so I took some liberties.

And he came back and he was like “what did you do to my books?” and I was like “I organized them” and he was like “WHAT?”

So guess how I “organized” them? 

Not by author

Not by subject

Not by title

I organized them by color because it never crossed my mind that that’s not the easiest way for everyone to find books

It was the most blatantly ADHD thing I’ve ever done

Oh man